On the Screen: July 2012

Sketches of Frank Gehry

Let me first start by saying that I’ve never really been a big fan of Frank Gehry. I’ve always thought that architecture has a responsibility that art and sculpture does not have. It is burdened with the job of functioning and form takes a backseat (Form ever follows Function). Though I am no critic, Frank Gehry’s work has always struck me as the work of someone who does not understand this responsibility. His work seems irrational and sculptural in that it does not respond to anything more than it does service aesthetics.

With that said, this film was excellent. It was truly insightful to the mind and process of one of the world’s great modern architects. If you are not interested in architecture or design or even art, I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy this film. It would seem as though you have to be looking to learn something to get any sort of gain or entertainment.  Perhaps the best part of the film is the glimpse into Gehry’s work flow and his bizarre way of designing. The film portrays him literally sculpting the building, free from the worries of programmatic and structural limitations.

Everything I have learned in school tells me that Frank Gehry is doing architecture wrong. But, everything I’ve seen in this film tells me he doesn’t care. Most importantly, everything I’ve heard him say tells me he is brilliant.

Verdict: Watch it

(If you are an architect or architecture student, you might consider buying it. It may have some replay value if you are ever seeking precedence/inspiration.)

On the Screen


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