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Photomerge the Missing Years

It has been close to two years since I posted anything of recent relevance. 

Since I went on that epic trip overseas I have sort of rested on my laurels and continued to post images from a trip I took two years ago. Since then life has continued to roll on. I finished school and got a big boy job. And other important life things happened (wink wink). So what happened during those missing two years??? Well… here they are in photomerge form. 

Salt Lake City, Utah;


Chicago, Illinois;


Washington D.C.;


Shoshone Falls, Idaho:


Heber Valley, Utah;


Houston, Texas;


This is only showing places where I remembered to take photomerge style photos… much much more happened. But I don’t have time to talk about that now.

When one challenge is overcome, its time to face the next one… Wish me luck.


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Beautiful Little Box: The Clyfford Still Museum

Clyfford Still Entry

Right next door to  the Denver Art Museum (DAM) is the Clyfford Still Museum. Architecturally, it is the exact opposite of the DAM. It is beautifully simple and shines in its use of clean lines and great materials (various woods and concretes).

Clyfford Still Exterior

The exterior of the building seems very plain and unassuming when compared to the neighboring explosion of pointed overhangs and curious angles. I would even say it borders on the ordinary.

Clyfford Still Stairs

Most museums of art feature an architectural detail that allows soft, natural light to indirectly enter the building. This building is no exception. The ceiling of the second floor is a slab of concrete that is cast with holes puncturing its surface that cleverly diffuse light from the skylights above.

Ceiling Detail


Clyfford Still interior

As with most art museums, I spent little time enjoying the art and mostly admired the building itself: Staring at ceilings, rubbing-up on walls, and photographing even the most uninteresting corridor. 

Enjoying Clyfford Still Museum

(^^Thanks to my cousin for serving as the Clyfford Still Museum’s unofficial official model^^)

If you live in Colorado, GO SEE THIS BUILDING. It is beautiful.

And if you’re visiting, go to the DAM’s gift shop for free, and spend your money to see the Clyfford Still Museum instead.

colorado photos

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