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A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 15 (Kahn… With a Vengeance)

I like to think that I post whatever I want without worrying about the approval or admiration of family, friends, and internet strangers that access my blog however infrequently. I like to think that I have no interest in increasing my blog’s number of visitors and that all I care for is the creative process.

I like to think all of that. My thoughts are lies.

The truth is, I have a very good idea of what people are interested in seeing when visiting my blog. For example, one of the most frequently visited posts I’ve ever done was one of my very first:

A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 3

I’m not sure if it is because it has been floating on the internet for over two years now, or if it is because the subject matter is a highly referenced work of architecture (in the history of the profession and in the career of Louis Kahn). Regardless, I’d be a fool not to give the people what they want. Also, as an architecture student, I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet for images of a “famous” work of architecture other than the same shot that every tourist and their mother has. Consider this my version of paying it forward to people who have not had a chance to visit the Kimbell in person. Without further ado, an uninterrupted, full resolution, second pass at Louis Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum.

Fort Worth, Texas: The Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum Cover

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gift Shop

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Main Volume

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 1

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 2

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 3

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Daylighting Detail

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 9

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 7

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 8

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 5

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Main volume 2

Kimbell Art Museum_Interior_Gallery 6

Kimbell Art Museum_Exertior_Courtyard

Kimbell Art Museum_Exertior_Arch and Water

Kimbell Art Museum_Exertior_1

Kimbell Art Museum_Exertior_Detail

So. What do you think? A pretty exhaustive documentation of the Kimbell Art Museum, right? There were some significant portions of the building that went un-documented due to roof restoration/construction, but I think you get the idea. Even the second time around, the Kimbell Art Museum is an architectural gem.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Assuming I am not reduced to a human puddle during summer studio…

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A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 14

Mansfield, Texas: Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park 2

Who would have ever thought I’d be able to continue the Texas Vernacular series from Oregon? I think I’ve got a few good episodes left in me. Lets start with this surprisingly beautiful park in Mansfield.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Picnic Table

Parks tend to be a “one-and-done” kind of deal in my mind. If you’ve seen one park, you’ve kinda seen them all.

This park is an exception.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Pond 1

Even though Texas was hot enough to make a man of my size and age cry, I still spent hours wandering around this park admiring the natural beauty I did not know existed in this part of Texas.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Pond Bench

I don’t want to write too much about the experience, but it was surprising how varied the trail was. I have seen forests, and plains, and lakes, and rivers separately, but here you journey through them one by one.

Just stop reading this and scroll down to see what I’m talking about.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Bench on trail

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Log and Trail

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Trail

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Bridge

All along the trail you stumble across little moments of interest. Sometimes its nothing more than a bench in a clearing, other times it is an overlook to the river below.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Shelter

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Rocky Ford 1

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Rocky Ford 2

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Windmill

Sometimes you stumble across a tiny frog and you spend 20 minutes trying to photograph it as it attempts to escape to the forest.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Frog

A few of my favorite things/places within the nature trail include this Treehouse Overlook that rises out of the landscape.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Tree house 1

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park 4

Another is this Boardwalk, beautifully located and detailed to respond to the local flood plane.

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Boardwalk 1

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Boardwalk 3

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Boardwalk 4

But my most favorite thing….


Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Wildflowers 1

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Wildflowers 2

Elmer W Oliver Nature Park_Wildflowers 3

If you live in the DFW area, go see this park. Sometimes it is easy to forget there is such beauty in a place that relies so heavily on cars for transportation, this park is a friendly reminder of the natural beauty of Texas.

More Texas trip stuff shortly. 

Also, Happy 2nd Birthday to the OH! design blog. Hopefully a second blog book is on the way!

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