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On The Screen: March 2013


“Every object tells a story, if you know how to read it.”

-Henry Ford


Allow me to begin by saying this is one of the best (if not THE best) documentaries about design I’ve ever seen. 

Objectified is a documentary that discusses the design of almost everything. From the over looked design of a toothpick, to the design of a chair, or car, or even architecture. The film goes so far as to describe projects in all stages of process; starting from concept creation, to prototyping, manufacturing, sales, and even disposal. As far as valuable statistics and information goes, I don’t really recall any. However, this film is full of valuable insight.

“Every object, intentional or not, speaks to who put it there.”

As a designer, I loved hearing others discuss their design process and theories. As the film interviews different designers from different fields and backgrounds, each provides a unique perspective on the role of design in modern society. I can only describe it as refreshing.

This film may have a larger impact on those who have no experience or knowledge of the role of designers. I’m often times under the impression that the “average joe” is unaware of the importance or necessity for good and innovative design. This film will literally rock their world (though it may be a bit boring to people who do not obsess over design).


I honestly wish someone had shown this film to me while I was still in high school so I could have been more aware as to the responsibilities of a designer at a younger age. The insight this film provides is priceless and should not to be missed.

On a side note, the film was created by Gary Hustwit. He is also responsible for films like Helvetica and Urbanized, both of which will likely be featured on this blog at some point.

Also, you can find all of these films on Netflix right now!

On the Screen

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The Magic 8-Ball

Here’s another quick, Wacom Tablet practice image in the form of a comic strip:

The Magic 8ball

Wouldn’t it be funny if a Magic 8-ball called you fat? I’d be torn between laughing and crying. 

Excuse me while I hit the treadmill…

Design Work just thinking

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The Butterfly Man

Westminister, CO: The Butterfly Pavilion

I’ve been going to the Butterfly Pavilion since pre-school and have many fond memories associated with it. This museum of the creepies and crawlies sort of caters to young children, but adults will get a kick out of being in a massive greenhouse full of all kinds of butterflies. Here are a few photos I snapped:

Some are not that much more beautiful than a large moth.

pretty moth

Some are so small you must look very carefully to spot them.

mini red

Some are massive and create large gusts of wind as they flutter by.

Fat Blue

Some are… uh… blue…?

skinny blue

Some look like giant, tie-dye MOTHRAs.

Tie-dye Mothra

I somehow managed to trick a butterfly into letting me pick him up and place him on my hat, which was then passed around so that everyone could take a picture in a CU hat with a butterfly on it. He was named Edward, and I was then known as, “The Butterfly Man”.

Butterfly Whisperer

It was fun to sweat a bit in this faux-rainforest just like my elementary school days.

Please excuse me while I combat the head lice I’ve contracted while passing around my hat…

Design Work colorado photos

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Book Update

I promised I’d update when the books I made arrived, so I am doing that now. I used a website called Blurb to create the books and I absolutely love them. I now have a printed copy of my European Photo Journal and my Portfolio and I couldn’t be happier. There’s just something inherently fulfilling about looking through my bookshelf and seeing things written by Le Corbusier and Rem Koolhaas and Omar Hason.

Bluurb books

I highly recommend using Blurb for any kind of publication (photo book, portfolio, etc.) but you should know that you need to download the InDesign plug-in before you start designing (It’ll save you a lot of time, TRUST ME).

Design Work

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The Denver Art Museum and the Pizza Box Analogy

Denver Art Museum 1

While visiting in Colorado I snapped a few pictures of the oddly shaped Denver Art Museum (DAM) and thought I’d share a few of them:

Denver Art Museum 2

In case you didn’t see my last post, it may be valuable to know that I have mixed feelings about the DAM. I think regardless of whether you like or dislike this building, you definitely are forced to have an opinion about it. It most definitely is not a building that you can just ignore. 

Denver Art Museum 3

In my second ever studio course, we analyzed the DAM in comparison to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) that is also in Denver. The entire class basically found inconclusively that the DAM doesn’t make sense (from an architectural standpoint). While I don’t really want to rant about my opinions about the building and why I’m right and you’re wrong, I would like to quickly share a way to dissect architectural projects.

May I present to you, the Pizza Box Analogy:

Imagine, if you can, that a building’s program, users, and contents are all metaphorically represented by a pizza. Now imagine that the building that houses all of that is the pizza box. Using this metaphor, you can easily study the successes and failures of most any architectural project. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

pizza box

This type of box is designed to function most efficiently and effectively for many purposes. There isn’t really anything special about the box itself, but it serves its purpose and is the most common type of box.

beautiful pizza Box

This pizza box looks beautiful and functions well. Very little, if any, compromises are made in the design of the box that hinders the containment of the pizza. Though it may seem ordinary at times, this type of pizza box is often original in design and carefully crafted.

funky pizza box

This pizza box is almost completely arbitrary. While it does still contain the pizza, it makes many sacrifices in the creation of a “unique design” and doesn’t always function well. This is a rather rare type of box that can be beautiful, but often times not as successful as the previous two types.

funky pizza pizza box

This type of architecture makes a complete departure from the previous types. Form does not follow function. In this example, form dictates function. With an almost complete disregard for the pizza it was designed to house, this box has become the pizza.

With all of that said, I’ll allow you to make your own conclusions about the DAM. 

Lastly, here’s another Denver picture:

Wandering through Denver

On a side note, I’ve been away from the blog for a while because I’ve been working on creating a comic book. It has always been a life goal, so I figured I’d cross it off my list. I’ll be sure to post some sample pages as they are completed.

Now I have a strange craving for pizza…

Design Work just thinking colorado photos

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