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24-hour Clock for the Unemployed

Are you unemployed? Unsure of what to do with all of your free-time? This is the solution for you:

unemployed watch

Finally, a device that brilliantly divides your day on an hourly basis. No more wondering when you should eat pizza. No more worrying whether you’ve watched enough television. All of your daily activities are scheduled cleanly and simply to ensure you make the most out of every unemployed day!

And now, introducing the unemployed wall clock! Specially crafted for those who are dedicated to the unemployed lifestyle!

unemployed wall clock

The new unemployed wall clock is easily customizable to your taste in time mis-management:

Let’s say you REALLY enjoy taking baths and need to incorporate that into your “busy” schedule. Well, you can easily block off several hours for bathing! Or perhaps you don’t particularly enjoy video games and cannot sleep at night without getting drunk. Simply replace all video game icons with tiny beer mugs and you’re off to a shitfaced good time!

Be sure to ask your loved ones for an unemployed watch or wall clock this year so you can always be “too busy” to see them ever again!

Design Work just thinking

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Random Dinosaur

Random Dinosaur

Design Work

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A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 9

Grapevine, Texas: The Gaylord Texan’s Ice Exhibit

I’ve had these pictures since Christmas time, but, because of some kind of flu, their journey to fame within the blog has been delayed. So, I’ll share them now. Out of season. Out of place. Out of boredom.

Dreamworks Kid

If you’ve never heard of the Gaylord Texan then you should know that it is basically a gigantic hotel and convention center in an otherwise empty part of Texas. It houses several clones of famous landmarks from around Texas and, for all intents and purposes, looks just like a Las Vegas hotel minus the gambling and cigarette smoke. Architecturally… it exists… but the focus of this trip was not to photograph the hotel itself (which likely merits several more trips), but rather to visit the Ice exhibit that is hosted annually around the holiday season.

ice detail 2

After waiting in a small line, you are shuffled through a series of other lines. After waiting in all of the lines, you are handed a parka and are shoved into a gigantic tent that is functioning as a freezer. Having lived in Colorado for most of my life, I’m no stranger to the cold. However, this was the type of cold that makes the moisture leaving your nostrils freeze on your mustache (Ladies? You know what I mean?).

Though the exhibit was impressive, it was obviously for children. The theme was based off of a Madagascar Christmas special, which meant that the majority of the ice sculptures were of cartoon looking penguins and monkeys. The ice was colored to look more realistic, but it ended up looking like frozen Kool-aid. With that said, I fell upon the habit of detail photos:

penny in ice

ice detail 1

My favorite portion of the exhibit was the nativity scene at the end of the tour. I was indifferent to the subject matter, but I loved the lighting and the clear ice. I think I would have liked the entire experience more if all of the ice was clear, though it is worth noting that the rest of my group disagreed.

ice nativity

ice goat

ice lamb

Welp, there’s my blast from the past. I’ll now try to resume regular, punctual blogging.

texas vernacular

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